What’s in a logo?

If you have ever created a logo, you most likely understand the complexity and thought that goes into it. Logos are a tiny piece of artwork, but the hardest artwork to create. Logos are compiled of many meanings, feelings, and purpose. My logo journey started 25 years ago when I was a sophomore in college. Our assignment was to design a logo for ourselves. I had always envisioned living in Florida, owning my own design freelance studio, and working from home. My logo has many personal elements to it. Often people ask me “Why did you choose a dolphin?”. My response is that I chose a dolphin because dolphins are friendly, smart, cute, and appealing. My original logo had a dolphin jumping through a capital letter ‘D’. That D represented my name, which started with a D at the time. We did not have computers back when I was in college, so I used pen and ink to draw my logo. I did not use any clipart or computer aid.

Fast forward 22 years from my college days, I have successfully started and maintained my design freelance studio. The only thing that did not happen is living in the sunshine state of Florida. One day I would love to see that happen. But for now, I’m very happy living in Northern Virginia, where I have wonderful clients and friends.

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